Saturday, 8 November 2014


Last year, our litter were due on Christmas Eve. I was very tempted to choose a Christmassy theme, but was a bit concerned that it would sound a bit daft come the end of March when the kittens came home! In the end I chose Narnia (on the suggestion of my Mum- thanks Mum!) which isn't really Christmassy, but the film of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is suitably snowy and wintry so it did quite well. It fitted with the season, but the names were not specifically Christmas.

This year the kittens were due on Halloween. They arrived the day before, but I was keen on doing the same- choosing a theme that linked to it in some way but y'know, not 'pumpkin' 'trick or treat' and 'OMG sugar hangover'. I like real names for my babies!

I am a big fan of Agatha Christie's works, and one book is called 'Halloween Party' so it was an obvious choice.  It's been televised- one of the few David Suchet's Poirot TV adaptations that I haven't seen, but I believe it was filmed in 2010. Must see it, they play the latter ones around Christmas generally, so will try to catch it then. I don't know if it's the same characters though. My kittens are named after the book characters.

And here's the first. Leopold.

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(bottom and legs on the ground... I'm not dangling him in mid air I promise!)

And I have to tell you, Leo is CUTE! The other day I was holding him, he was asleep, purring, tongue poking out and twitching his little legs. It was the most adorable thing. It took him a good ten minutes to realise that that scary hooman had him, whereas his siblings? About ten seconds! Even then though, he wasn't all that wholehearted about his squeaks. Of course it's too soon to tell, but I wouldn't be surprised if our Leo turned out to be seriously easygoing.

Leo has a yellow collar and is the firstborn. Can't wait to get to know him!

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  1. I think 'Always winter but never Christmas' fits in well with the wish to be seasonal but not Christmassy! :-)