Sunday, 23 November 2014

Busy weekend

Tutorial, guests and a fancy dress party yesterday, family visit today and was going to update earlier this evening when I had a moment. But after seeing to the kittens, and giving Indie some love, Lucy decided she wanted a quick cuddle which turned into an extended cuddle session lasting the best part of two hours, so I didn't get to it. Lucy is an affectionate cat but she hasn't been very lap-catty in past months, too busy and teenagery I guess, and she'll pop over for a quick stroke before dashing off to do something else super important two seconds later. Anyway, so today was a wonderful chance to reconnect with my not-a-kitten-any-more baby girl, and a good de-stress for me after a busy weekend.

Lots to report though, so I will get down to things tomorrow!

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