Friday, 21 November 2014


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Ariadne, Miranda and Nicholas, plotting how to get over the bar... which they have now done, and very pleased about it they were as well!

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Whereas Michael is happy just to flirt.

I've been taking the babies out of the nest these past few days, for a run around. Today they seemed super confident about it, all of them moving off the towel I put down and wandering further from Mama before coming back.

There's a sort of sneaky purpose to this, with more room to run I can have a good long look at each kitten in turn and see how they are moving and developing. Desmond, for example, is still rather frog like with his back legs, which I am keeping an eye on, but then again Miranda was a bit froggy until yesterday but suddenly seems to have mastered it. Leo is very sturdy and zippy and has been for ages, but he s my littlest kitten, I guess having less bulk to move around helps!

I can also observe their confidence growing. Yesterday, as I said, most of them stayed on the towel, bar the aforementioned Desmond who set off down the hallway much to the distress of Mama and Sister! Today they all set off to explore, of course some gong further than others. Ariadne is another super confident one, and Miranda, who has so far responded to cuddles with shrieks, had a nice session in my lap and even went to sleep!

And I've noticed another thing... they are able to pee on their own now. Kittens are born unable to manage this for themselves, Mama has to lick them and then consumes the product (sorry. I know, gross eh!) But now they are able to go without mama helping them. Tomorrows task is to set up the litter trays.

I suppose they will be eating solids before too long as well. Michael was VERY interested in mama's kibble dish earlier. He didn't eat any, but from the excited squeals he was letting off, it smelled pretty good. I swear they get younger every year.

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