Tuesday, 25 March 2014

And Then There Was One


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It's the angle, she's not really almost the size of her Mama!

She's doing fine. She took up residence on the bed yesterday, today her and Indigo have commandeered the cubby in the big cat tree. She seems pretty happy and relaxed, is eating fine and things seem pretty calm here.

Poor Lucy had an accident yesterday. My son's tutor was in the living room where her litter boxes are, and I hadn't even considered she might not want to use the boxes in the hall- but they have a totally different litter (hard silica as opposed to soft clumping clay) and smell of the other cats who she is a little wary of so I guess it's a bit overwhelming for her to use them. So she widdled on the floor and looked terribly sheepish about it too. Poor Lucy!

I am replacing the litter in one of the hall boxes (there are three!) with the litter she uses to prevent any future issues, and will of course strategically place some nuggets of Lucy- pee on it to entice her in! Anyway there has been no issues since then.

I'll probably take the rest of the week off from blogging and be back next week with the last of the pics of the babies before they left then posts now and then. Not daily of course, now the babies have gone. Theo's been unwell again (sigh), I have a dissertation to write and I want to get the kitten room scrubbed out really well, so there's plenty to occupy my time- that and I have an enchanting new kitten to play with *grin* But there will be kitten updates I am sure, and lots of Lucy news.

Right, excuse me while I go and pet her again... I can't quite believe she's mine!

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  1. I will miss your posts! Don't be away too long, OK?
    J x