Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Uncle Theo

Because Theo has been unwell, and has had dietary restrictions, he hasn't had as much to do with these kittens as he has in previous litters. Lucy he knows quite well because she's been having daily outings to see the other cats, but the others, not so much. It's been a shame really, as he does love kittens. Unfortunately he also loves the kittens' food so can only come in once I have swept and cleaned, and if I put the food away.

As a result, he's very much a curiosity to them still. They are interested in him though, and now he is feeling a bit better, he's taking more time to come and sit in the kitten room. Often he isn't energetic enough to play, but he does enjoy watching.

As for the girls, the thought of coming in the kitten's room would utterly appal them. They've all sniffed at each other  through the gate, and that's as far as it is likely to go. Neither Ava nor Sofia's curiosity goes as far as a desire to actually socialise with the kittens!

It's a shame about Theo though. He has missed it. He's such a loving boy, I'm glad he will at least get the chance to enjoy Lucy as she grows up. And now he's a bit better, maybe he'll make up for lost time? Whatever, totally his choice. I'm just glad he's on the mend at last.

Posts may be a bit thin on the ground tor a day or two as I have started a cold and feel a bit grim! Also someone went into the side of my car at the weekend! No-one was hurt and the other driver accepted full responsibility straight away, so no unpleasantness in that respect and no repercussions for me but it was still a shock! I have received all the paperwork relating to that to complete, so I will plough through that tomorrow... not what you want when your brain feels like scrambled knitting!

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