Friday, 14 March 2014

Jewel In The Sun

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She adores that stuffed mouse... she walks around with it, growling, and then snuggles up with it to sleep. Here she is enjoying an afternoon sunbeam.

Last jabs today, and the babies did really well once again. They are getting so big now that I did wonder if I ought to take THREE carriers, but decided they could all squash into the two. After all, I only have two arms, so more than two carriers gets a little complicated!

Later on, I set to and sorted out all the babies' paperwork. It was a bit complicated, and you will see when you get the paperwork that they are registered under a different system than their parents. So The 'solid' kittens, who would have previously been registered as 74 (Tonkinese) b (chocolate) qv (solid variant) are now TOS (Tonkinese shorthair) b (chocolate) 31 (Burmese colour restriction). Indigo is 74cqv, so I suppose under the new system she'd be TOSc31. Not that you need to know any of this! Just waffling. Anyway it took some time. After printing out all the pedigrees I noticed a mistake... I'd forgotten to edit the header so it had a nice big 'type text here' on the page! Grr. So I had to delete that and print them all out again.

And then I felt all sad that our time together was nearly over. Just one more week. It's a bittersweet business, this breeding! But I know they have fantastic new families who are counting down the days as eagerly as I am wishing they'd slow down! It helps, believe me.

That was a bit depressing! Bedtime for me, I think, was up at 5 to take the lad for an early start school trip, so am definitely ready for my bed tonight! Nothing much planned for tomorrow so I'll try and get some good photos of the babies. Goodnight :)

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