Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Two years ago...

... in Indigo's Von Trapp litter, there was a kitten called Marta. Here she is.

Oh, she was the sweetest thing! I just adored her. She used to sit on my shoulder and snuggle and purr into my ear, which is something Indigo did as a kitten. This radiator is just by my desk and she'd snuggle on that and trill every now and then as if to say cuddles, please! Not had any for at least ten minutes!

Now, I love all my kittens. I do. but Marta had... oh I can't even describe what it was, there was just something about her that appealed to ME. I could see her being MY cat, had the time been right. It wasn't though. I knew when I did keep a kitten I wanted a mink (TCR) coat and I did have a yen for chocolate. And by the time this picture was taken Marta had a good home to go to anyway. She had a slightly too Burmese (for breeding, in my opinion) face and was one of the smallest of the litter... but nevertheless for ages after she'd gone home I wondered if I'd made the right decision in making her available. There was a moment, just before advertising them, when I thought... I could just keep this one back. And I didn't.

It was the right decision.

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because now I have Lucy. A big, chunky, chocolate mink, with the same enchanting qualities I admired I her half-sister Marta. Who also likes to snuggle on the radiator by the desk, and sit on my shoulder tickling my ear with her whiskers, just like her sister and Mama used to.

Right kitten, right time. I'm glad I waited for you, Lucy!

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