Saturday, 8 March 2014

Digory and stats

Speaking of naughty kittens, I don't think it will surprise anyone that this one is the naughtiest of the lot...

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What? Just chilling with my pumpkins...

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Just sorting my musics... oops, I seem to have knocked a few off...

But he gets away with it, because he is heartbreakingly handsome.

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Why yes, I am

And he's going to be a big boy. Would you look at the size of his paw??? He isn't even eleven weeks old yet! G, I hope you are ready!

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Yup. Big boy. Awwww!

10.5 week stats!
Birth: 84g
1 week:186g
2 weeks:264g
3 weeks: 333g
4 weeks: 419g
5 weeks: 560g
6 weeks: 703g
7 weeks: 905g
8 weeks 1060g
9 weeks:1280g
10.5 weeks: 1585g
Incidentally, Digory has put on so much since the last weigh in that he is officially my heaviest ever kitten at this stage.
1 week:151g
2 weeks: 227g
3 weeks: 286g
4 weeks: 353g
5 weeks: 525g
6 weeks: 665g
7 weeks: 837g
8 weeks 975g
9 weeks:1165g
10.5 weeks: 1490g
1 week:185g
2 weeks:272g
3 weeks: 337g
4 weeks: 400g
5 weeks 550g
6 weeks: 681g
7 weeks: 875g
8 weeks 1010g
9 weeks: 1160g
10.5 weeks: 1445g
1 week:171g
2 weeks: 263g
3 weeks: 327g
4 weeks: 420g
5 weeks: 531g
6 weeks: 653g
7 weeks: 875g
8 weeks 1000g
9 weeks: 1215g
10.5 weeks: 1505g
Birth: 84g
1 week:177g
2 weeks:248g
3 weeks: 322g
4 weeks: 404g
5 weeks: 504g
6 weeks: 620g
7 weeks: 756g
8 weeks: 875g
9 weeks:1045g
10.5 weeks:1290g
Birth: 90g
1 week:184g
2 weeks: 279g
3 weeks: 366g
4 weeks: 444g
5 weeks 533g
6 weeks: 653g
7 weeks: 816g
8 weeks 955g
9 weeks: 1090g
10.5 weeks: 1345g
Birth: 80g
1 week: 163g
2 weeks: 237g
3 weeks: 293g
4 weeks: 340g
5 weeks: 486g
6 weeks: 595g
7 weeks 728g
8 weeks: 860g
9 weeks: 1030g
10.5 weeks: 1240g

Weight order heaviest to lightest:
Birth: Susan, Jadis, Digory and Aravis, Lucy, (Polly), Jewel, Caspian
1 week: Digory, Jadis, Susan, Aravis, Lucy, Jewel, Caspian
2 weeks: Susan, Jadis, Digory, Lucy, Aravis, Jewel, Caspian
3 weeks: Susan, Jadis, Digory, Lucy, Aravis, Jewel, Caspian
4 weeks: Susan, Lucy, Digory, Aravis, Jadis, Caspian, Jewel
5 weeks: Digory, Jadis, Susan, Lucy, Caspian, Aravis, Jewel
6 weeks: Digory, Jadis, Caspian, Lucy and Susan, Aravis, Jewel
7 weeks: Digory, Lucy and Jadis, Caspian, Susan, Aravis, Jewel
8 weeks: Digory, Jadis, Lucy, Caspian, Susan, Aravis, Jewel
9 weeks: Digory, Lucy, Caspian, Jadis, Susan, Aravis, Jewel
10.5 weeks: Digory, Lucy, Caspian, Jadis, Susan,  Aravis, Jewel.
Comparison by litter:
REM litter 83g-103g. Average 92g
Von Trapp litter 81g-102g. Average 91g
Narnian litter 72-90g. Average 83g
1 week
REM litter 182g-217g Average 195g
Von Trapp litter 150g- 205g. Average 175g
Narnian litter:151-186g. Average 174g

2 weeks
REM litter 257g-294g, Average 272g
Von Trapp litter 220g- 280g, Average 240g
Narnian litter 227g-279g. Average 256g

3 weeks
REM litter  338g-390g. Average 359g.
Von Trapp litter 250g- 341g. Average 286g.
Narnian litter 286g-366g. Average 323g

4 weeks
REM litter 437g-524g. Average 466g
Von Trapp litter 325g-448g. Average 365g
Narnian litter: 340-444g. Average 397g

5 weeks
REM litter 539g-604g. Average 581g
Von Trapp litter 394g-570g. Average 457g.
Narnian litter 486g- 560g. Average 527g

6 weeks
REM litter 712g- 792g, Average 752g
Von Trapp litter  516g-740g, Average 606g
Narnian litter 595g-703g, Average 653g

7 weeks
REM litter 832-1012g. Average 921g
Von Trapp litter- No data available for this week
Narnian litter 728g-905g, Average 827g

8 weeks
REM litter  962g-1157g. Average 1063g
Von Trapp litter 780g-1020g. Average 883g
Narnian litter 860g-1060g. Average 962g

9 weeks
REM litter 1070-1340g. Average 1238g
Von Trapp litter 950-1220g. Average 1057g
Narnian litter 1030g- 1280g. Average 1141g

10.5 weeks
REM litter 1130-1530g. Average 1368g
Von Trapp litter 1130g-1460g. Average 1268g
Narnian litter 1240g-1585g. Average 1416g

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  1. It's all that chicken you give them, Beth!