Thursday, 13 March 2014


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Another one of Lucy, just because :)

Oh, kittens, kittens, kittens. Just a week and a bit before home time, and the babies are showing signs of cabin fever! One reasonably sized living room just isn't cutting it for seven baby elephants any more! That half- hexagon gate I had my friend build has been worth it's weight in gold, because whenever I open the kitten door I am instantly swarmed with furry things... but they can't get very far because of the gate. We've only had a couple of breakouts in the whole time. Of course now I've said that...

But they are curious, and not at all intimidated by what might be out there. Definitely ready, now, for the next big adventure- moving on, away from Mama to their forever homes, building relationships with their new people and getting on with the business of growing up! Lucy is spending several hours out of the kitten room every day now, and whilst the older cats aren't exactly her friend, yet, and there's been no snuggling, they will stalk her in a friendly, or at least, non aggressive, manner, and touch noses.

When they aren't trying to explore, they have quite a nice routine going on. Meals three times a day, just before which they insist that they are ABSOLUTELY STARVED AND ABOUT TO FADE AWAY TO NOTHING, LADY, and post meals they all have a lovely cuddly spell while they wash their faces and digest. Jewel and Aravis are canny at mealtimes, they have realised that if they eat lightly, they get the prime cuddling spots afterwards. Aravis quite often goes back to have more later on, and Jewel, even from a young age, has preferred the kibble anyway. She does like wet food, she just doesn't go loopy for it (Caspian, Digory and Lucy, I am looking at you) and is definitely an all day grazer rather than big meals. Anyway they are the first for cuddles.  Aravis takes the lap and Jewel snuggles into my neck and both start up their engines while the others are still filling their faces... awww sweet girls. 

The mornings generally sees them quite playful, they have a long napping period in the afternoon and wake up again for more romping come evening. It's funny, morning naps, proper 'catnaps' in that they are generally brief, take place on me if I happen to be in there, (the other day I had all seven on me which was a bit overwhelming given their size now!) but the long nap is taken in small groups and if I pick anyone up they are likely to protest and stomp crossly back to where they were. None of the above applies to Caspian, who is ALWAYS up for a cuddle.

Yesterday they had another nail trim, and afterwards I wasn't their friend at all for a good minute. LOL I do love them at this age, so forgiving! Last jabs tomorrow and a quiet weekend for them to recuperate and they'll be on top form for next weekend :)

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