Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Couple of outtakes

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Lucy gives me the Ears of Annoyance

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While Jewel says 'Where's my dinner, lady?'

Oh boy. The kittens have officially outgrown the kitten room. They've been racketing around like little hooligans today, knocked drums over, pulled some paperwork (a bill, nothing kitten related, thank goodness!) to shreds and landed in the food bowl sending kibble flying all over the room. Twice.

They are currently all at the gate telling me they are WASTING AWAY TO NOTHING HERE because they can smell cooked chicken for their dinner but it isn't cool enough to give them it yet.

I got some toys from the toy drawer earlier (to send to a friend) and was immediately surrounded by seven howling kittens and one Mama. Yup, even though they have their own well stocked toy box, they've figured out there are more in the drawer and could they have some? I also had Theo thumping on the door because he, also, knows the toy drawer sound and wanted one too. Stuffed mice all round!

The second bowl of kibble went flying at this point. Sigh!

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