Friday, 21 March 2014

Did someone turn the heating up?

My kittens appear to be melting!

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So stressed...

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I wish they'd just relax...

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I mean, really!

So, everything is ready. The 4 weeks insurance was activated yesterday (I like to do it a day or two early... I know they SAY you are covered from the moment of activation, but I like to be on the safe side!) The paperwork is all filled out and ready, kitten packs all packed... we're ready to go.

And the kittens are ready. In the wild, at this age, they'd just be starting to strike out on their own. Mama would probably already be pregnant with the next batch, and would be nudging the kittens off and out into the wider world. And you can tell, they want out of the kitten room, they want to widen their boundaries, explore and have adventures.

Oh kittens. There's a BIG adventure in store for you this weekend!

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