Sunday, 16 March 2014

Oh That Sunday Sleep

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Yup. That's Caspian, doing his thing.

Kittens had one last visit from my Mum today, and they made the most of the visit. I think at one point she was immobilised by five of them, but I suspect none of them enjoyed it quite as much as Caspian. That's one smug face, right there. What can I say, the boy just likes his cuddles!

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine! The kittens are. Born in the middle of winter, and then having such persistent rain and gloomy weather in January and February means that the kittens haven't really discovered the joys of a good sun-puddle until this week... they are absolutely loving it. Their room gets a lot of afternoon sun, which coincides perfectly with their favoured sleepy time.

Me, I'm just glad to be able to put the washing out!

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