Monday, 3 March 2014

A Message From Caspian, Part 2

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Hallo, Peoples of the Internets! I is here again to tell you some very important things about me because they are very important. I do not bite my sisters on the bottom (very much) any more because they is quite good at biting back and anyway I is a big grown up boy now. But I is still the cutest.

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I likes to roll on my back because it makes the funny lady go 'Oooooh!'  and rush to give me tummy rubs, which I likes a lot and I purrs and purrs so she gives me lots of cuddles and kisses. I likes cuddles and kisses so I does this a lot.

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When I is in the mood for playing I goes and finds a toy. Sometimes I can't decide, so I sits in the toybox and has a little think. But my favourite is the crinkly ball. And the mousie. And the feather stick. And, and, and...

See my greenie eyes? I is very handsome, yes?

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I does still like to climb though! The funny lady says that my new Mummy and Daddy have bought me a new climby frame just for ME!!!! (OK, and my sister) which I can't waits to try out!

Also, I likes that big kitty who comes in here sometimes, and the Funny Lady is annoyed, because she thought she had a good video of me stalking the floofy cat but she had pressed the wrong buttons on her clicky box thing and said a Very Rude Word Indeed. But anyways I likes his big floofy tail and pounces on it when I gets the chance and sometimes he gives my head a wash and sometimes he gives me a smack. But I likes him anyway.

And also I hasn't been a Little Scrap for ages n ages and am now bigger than most of my sisters, so there.

Love from Caspian xxx

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