Friday, 4 April 2014

A Lucy Post

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We are totally loved up with our kitten!

This week Lucy has:

Stolen the cheese from my sandwich (and I let her, bad Mummy!)
Gotten to the top of the wardrobe to pester the adults- impressed as it's a big jump for a kitten
Committed GBH on an unsuspecting toilet roll
Nearly caused several accidents by leaving toys in the middle of corridors for humans to step on in the middle of the night
Managed to get into, and get shut into, the wardrobe. Howl, said Lucy, sending her Mama into a frenzy!
Decided Theo's tail is the Best! Toy! Ever! much to the consternation of it's owner
... and many other such badnesses.

The best one though was when she climbed the clothes horse and pushed, pulled and tumbled all the nice clean dry clothes onto the floor. Definitely reminds me of her mother at the same age! Indigo used to walk along shelves and deliberately knock things off if she felt she wasn't getting enough attention, which, being a Tonk, was a good deal of the time. My tastes became very minimal when I got Indigo!

We had no more accidents after that first one, which was my fault anyway, and she will now use any tray in the house. There really hasn't been any problems at all... Indigo gets a bit antsy when she feels Sofia is looking at Lucy in the wrong way but other than that it's all good.

Some other things we have noticed are:
When she meows, she sticks her tongue out. Oh. My. Goodness, it's cute.
She looooooooooves her Uncle Theo and cuddles with him a lot. When she isn't attacking his tail.
She knows how to play fetch! Yay! As does Figaro, I have heard!
She likes Star Trek Voyager. Or rather, she likes the fact I sit down when it comes on so she can get into my lap and purr. Yes, I am a Trekkie *blush*

She has amazing 'seams' including a back seam which Indigo doesn't really have

t5rpolfdcv999999999999999999- yeah, that. She thinks walking on the keyboard is great fun!

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Uncle Theo was quite unwell again last week, and Lucy was most solicitous, leaving his tail alone and giving him lots of snuggles instead which was very sweet.

Can I ask my readers to keep Kensey in their thoughts please? Kensey is from the first Indikon litter, the REM's, and is extremely unwell at the vets right now. The vet is thinking lymphatic cancer and things aren't looking good for the poor little guy. It's so desperately unfair... he's only three and his family adore him and are understandably devastated. So if you could keep him, and them, in your thoughts at the moment I would be very grateful.

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  1. I'm very upset to hear about Kensey. It really doesn't sound good, does it?