Tuesday, 22 April 2014


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Lucy gets some cuddle time in with her favourite Uncle

Gah! That cold I couldn't shift, that some of you noticed from before the babies came home? The one that's been coming and going for several months now but wasn't ever bad enough to 'bother' the doctor with? Yes, well. It now appears to have morphed into a gigantic chest infection! Steroids, antibiotics, several inhalers... you name it I'm on it at the moment, and feeling mighty sorry for myself as well. Can I hear the sound of a tiny violin there? I am much gratified, thank you!

So, right at the moment, Lucy and Theo look pretty similar in colouration, so I thought I'd try and keep a record of how Lucy's colour changes. As an adult, she ought to resemble the majority of her siblings as babies, if you see what I mean... not precisely but her colour should darken to that sort of milky chocolate on her back, with her belly that creamy colour and obviously the darker points as she has now but they will extend a little about the mask etc. Theo is done changing colour now, as a mature cat, so he will do nicely for comparison purposes (as well as clearly making a very nice fluffy pillow)

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I tried to get a picture of both sets of eyes to illustrate the mink/ pointed colour difference (Theo is a pointed cat, although not of the Tonk variety) however Theo wasn't up for that this time round. I just like the photo and you can see Lucy's eyes are going a nice aqua now.

Yes, I kiss that little face about a zillion times a day...

The other day there was some very brief (less than a minute) Ava-Lucy snuggling and ear cleanage going on. Awesome! Lucy and Sofia have played together too. Indigo doesn't know what to make of it all. Keeping a kitten has totally rocked her world... she seems happy and occupied with a kitten to fuss over, and certainly for none other than her own daughter would she have ceded her place as centre of attention and chief troublemaker but I do wonder what she thinks about it all!

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