Saturday, 19 April 2014

Finally an update post!

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Lucy reminds me it is high time for an update!

The funny thing with kittens, is that they often behave differently alone or in a pair than they do in a pack, much as human children, in fact. So when they go home, very often they can reveal themselves in unexpected ways. Even Lucy has shown me a previously unsuspected naughty streak! As a breeder you shape their development in the group setting as best you can then wave them off to discover who they are with their new family. Sometimes it's a little bit if a surprise! I just love hearing about who they are becoming.

Figaro and Tigerlily (Digory and Jadis)

Figgy and Tiggy are doing great! Figgy took the lead when they first came home, and Tiggy had no choice but to follow him around. They are very much enamoured with their cat tree and Figgy has started to play Fetch, which I am really pleased about, it's such a very endearing habit. Tiggy is her own sweet self... sigh... she gave the best cuddles :)

Sophie (Aravis) and Caspian:

Sophie is getting herself quite a reputation for mischief! Nice naughtiness, of course, she's still very much a lady, (bends repressive glance at Lucy, who is not!) but it seems she's a little pickle, and not the shy, retiring miss she once was.. Caspian is his usual laid back self and adores his sister. Apparently all she has to do is mew and he's there by her side. He seems happy to let his sister lead and trots along after her in his own sweet way. He seems determined to keep his name, doesn't he?

Nala and Sarabi (Susan and Jewel)

Nala is another one who has really benefitted from moving on. You remember how I'd said she could be somewhat aloof, and not immediately friendly, as the others were. Oh my word, not any more! Nala comes running whenever she is called, she's super- affectionate and people- oriented now. How awesome is that? Sarabi loves being cradled like a baby by A's daughter, who still can't believe they are theirs. Sarabi also loves her fuss, in fact, when Nala is being petted, Sarabi will nose her way in too. Bit of sibling rivalry there!

aaaand.... Lucy

In my bedroom there is a clothes airer. On the floor under the airer are a pile of clothes that were once on the airer, before Lucy pulled them off. Again. Ava is now asleep on the pulled off clothes, which are now so crumpled it's probably going to be easier to wash them again. And that is all you need to know about life with Lucy!

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She's beautiful

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And an absolute nut.

Oh, and KENSEY IS HOME!!!!! and improving day by day. Whoop!

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  1. Love the updates, thanks. Fantastic news about Kensey!