Monday, 28 April 2014

Getting Along

I belong to several Tonkinese/ breeder- related internet groups, and a question was asked on one of them about how the different cats in the household get on. So I got to thinking about the complex relationships my lot have, and how Lucy's coming has changed the dynamic.

They do say in a multi-cat household there is often an ambassador cat, that gets on well with everyone and essentially holds the community together. That's Theo in ours, although I do wonder whether Lucy might end up fulfilling that role too. Far too soon to tell with her of course, and as she will reach sexual maturity will probably be rather more volatile, but she's very different to how Indigo was as a kitten (except in the naughtiness stakes) so who knows. Everyone likes her though, so it's a good start!

Anyway, hre's a little bit about each relationship. No photos, am cameraless at the moment.

Ava and Sofia

Ava and Sofia are littermates- sisters. They are friendly and very occasionally snuggle, although neither of them are especially demonstrative cats. They will show their affection by occupying the same space, for example either end of the bed. They squabble occasionally. Sofia always wins.

Ava and Theo
Ava tends to stay out of Theo's way. Theo likes to chase and pester, like an irritating little brother, and Ava is a quiet little puss who just wants to be left alone. Theo is very fond of Ava though, and will groom her when she lets him.

Ava and Indigo
These two don't really interact. Indigo tends to pick on Ava (everyone does! Poor Ava is the bottom of the pecking order) so Ava tends to stay out of her way. It's a shame, as they were very fond of each other when Indigo was a kitten. Ava doesn't have any interest in the kittens when Inds has them.

Ava and Lucy
Ava and Lucy are cautiously friendly. Lots of mutual nose/ butt sniffs and I've even seen a bit of snuggling but it hasn't lasted long. Either Ava gets creeped out or Lucy bounces up, being a kitten she rarely stays still for more than a second anyway. Either way, Ava ends up making a run for it.

Poor Ava! But she's a happy little soul fortunately, and very sweet.

Sofia and Theo

These two squabble apparently to their mutual satisfaction, as they are also quite affectionate towards each other but not super- close. They were very close before Theo basely deserted her for Indigo, I don't think Sofia has ever quite forgiven either of them!

Sofia and Indigo
HATE HATE HATE!!!! Well, kind of. These two are the reason I kept two separate spaces in one small flat for over a year, before I decided it was ridiculous and put my foot down. Reintroduction took a long time but it was (mostly) successful. These days it is more of a mild antagonism, but let's just say I can't see them becoming best buds any time soon. Sofia has nothing to do with Indigo's kittens when she has a litter- Indigo would probably kill her!

Sofia and Lucy
They play together, much to Indigo's consternation. Chasing games, mostly, up and down the hall. No snuggling as yet, I think Lucy would but I suspect Sofia would bop her on the nose if she tried.

Theo and Indigo
True love! Lots and lots of snuggling, with the occasional lovers' tiff followed by more snuggling. These two are very sweet together. Theo also loves the kittens, when Inds has them, and will snuggle, wash and play with them.

Theo and Lucy
Lucy thinks Uncle Theo is won-der-ful. Theo is quite fond of Lucy but will administer the occasional smack when he thinks Lucy is being too impertinent... like when she is pouncing on his tail. He's a bit sensitive about his tail. Unfortunately every kitten without exception thinks it

Indigo and Lucy
Obviously being mother and daughter these two are very bonded. Indigo is kept very busy having a bad daughter to look after, and has zero time to misbehave herself, but she doesn't seem to mind, and where one is, the other is close by.

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  1. I love your very perceptive comments about your cats.
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