Sunday, 6 April 2014

Poorly Boys... And Lucy

A Kensey Update:

The vets are now thinking his illness is more symptomatic of cardiomyopathy than lymphatic cancer... still serious but with a MUCH better prognosis! He's still got to stabilise a bit more to have the tests he needs to diagnose it, but he has made steady progress. Today he managed meows and headrubs for his family when they visited- two days ago he was barely aware of their presence so he's done brilliantly, good old Kensey!

I'll update as I get news (or should that be mews?), but please keep his family in your thoughts.

A Theo Update:

Well after the shenanigans of last week (no... week before. I lose track), when I truly thought his number was up, THIS week, you'd hardly know he'd been poorly. He's regained nearly all the weight he lost and is now at 3.68 kg. Still a way to go till 4.5kg, but y'know, we're getting there. I can only surmise that it WAS just a random bug he picked up, and because he's been so poorly and his immune system may be somewhat compromised at the moment, he got it and the other four didn't. Anyway he's back to his normal, cheeky self this week so I can breathe a sigh of relief!

His steroid dose has been reduced again, as of Friday, and he is now on monthly cobalamine injections as opposed to weekly ones, so I will be keeping a close eye on him to make sure he tolerates the meds reduction but I am feeling really positive about things.


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Lucy's eyes are changing! At last, she seemed determined to hold onto her baby blues, but the pic above shows they are starting to look aqua now.

She's continued to be super-charming and adorable and a bit of a pickle, but she's so adorable with it it's impossible to be cross with her. Although Indigo did get a little annoyed at being pounced on earlier, and administered a proper spanking to her unfortunate daughter... who, I might add, was only momentarily subdued. Poor Mama Indigo!

I have updates on the whole litter so will make that my next post :)

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  1. Looking forward to reading the updates. Brilliant news about Kensey and Theo!