Friday, 2 December 2011


I've obviously got my blog set to the wrong time zone... kittens were born on Thursday early morning and not Weds! Not sure how to fix that, will have a poke about in Blogger in a bit.

I love the transformation newborn kittens take from being damp, limp, ratlike things that hardly look alive to fat fluffy little sausages with bulging bellies a mere few hours later. And they are huge already! Look at their weight gain in just a little over 24 hours... kittens grow awfully fast!

Kitten 1:
Birth 96g
Day 2 105g

Kitten 2:
Birth 101g
Day 2 113g

Kitten 3:
Birth 102g
Day 2 120g, the porker!

Kitten 4:
Birth 82g
Day 2 86g

Kitten 5:
Birth 83g
Day 2 104g- another porker!

Kitten 6:
Birth 91g
Day 2 96g

Kitten 7:
Birth 81g
Day 2 89g

I will be keeping an especial eye on kittens 4 and 6 to make sure they are OK but they look ok, nice round tummies and feeding well. They should ideally double their birthweight in a week. As for gender, last year I sexed the kittens at birth and was correct, but this year? Oh I'm just not sure! At birth I thought we had four boys and three girls, then yesterday morning I thought we had two girls and five boys, then in the evening four girls and three boys. This morning I thought four girls and three boys too, but it was different kittens *thunks head on desk* So basically, I have no idea!!! Number one is definitely a girl, numbers 2 and 3 definitely boys (I think!)  and 5 is a girl but the other three keep being visited by the sex change fairy.

Indigo has been driving me bonkers this morning trying to move the kittens- and I was going to set up alternative nests today as well. She beat me to it! We had another battle of wills today over her moving her kittens to a most unsuitable place which I THOUGHT I had made inaccessible. Of course now I've set up alternative dens for her she won't look at them...

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  1. Congratulations!! Looking forward to watching them grow! Makes me wish I could take another one. Lisl is amazing x