Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Let's Start At The Very Beginning...

Having agonised over the sexes of the kittens, I have finally (well, for now!) decided we do in fact have two boys and five girls!!! What are the chances of that happening eh? So the names are a foregone conclusion, really. After all, I did promise the teenager, (he's thrilled!) so this litter will be named after the Von Trapp family children. Unless the sex change fairy visits us again, that is...

This little darling is Indikon Liesl, who I am reliably informed does NOT need a governess. She will need lots of love and kisses and care though, and it will be a pleasure to give them to her. Here she is :)

And yes, I know there's already a tag for 'Lisl'- our Indikon Hope was named Lisl by her family. No problem, I'll tag these kittens by their full pedigree name. So 'Lisl' refers to Hope, 'Indikon Liesl' refers to Liesl. Confusing, much?


  1. Joy says:
    No!!!! Well, I'm well chuffed with that! As you say, what are the chances . . .? Amazing.

  2. Another Lisl, only with an e! She looks just as cute too x

  3. Oh, she'll be quite, quite different though. They always are! Even at this stage they are starting to show their personalities, and they don't really do much yet. Just lie around, fatly, looking cute, and having a conniption when handled!