Friday, 9 December 2011


Now in the film, the Von Trapp children go Liesl, Friedrich, Louisa, Kurt (girl, boy, girl, boy) but our kittens are not arranged that way. T'would be freaky if they were!

So here's kitten 3, a boy, who is to be known as Indikon Kurt.

Kurt looks like he's got some serious eye gunk going on there doesn't he? As soon as I saw the picture (which was pretty much just after I'd taken it) I dashed over to get a better look, and his eyes are fine, no gunk at all. Must just be fluff, or a funny lighting angle or something.
And here's kitten 4, Indikon Louisa, who may well end up Indikon Louis if she turns out to be a boy after all!

On the eye theme, Louisa is one of two kittens that hasn't got open eyes yet. These two kittens tend to freak out if handled, whereas the others will just gaze at you for a bit (and then freak out!) Shouldn't be long before she can see as well though :)

Only one more has doubled birthweight today... but the remaining four are all mere grams away... come on, slowcoaches!

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