Saturday, 31 December 2011

Trousers Are Tasty


Is that so Liesl! You know, some of your siblings are enjoying their solids very well indeed... chicken/ turkey in the evening and genty heated kitten food in the morning, with two other meals (that the kittens aren't interested in so far) and biscuits on tap too... you don't have to eat my trousers!

We went to the vet last night as Indigo's ear infection hasn't fully cleared, so some more (nursing safe) medicine for her. A different kind this time, so hopefully it won't knock her digestion off kilter this time. She's well enough, just has an itchy ear, and in scratching it is making it sore. I may collar her just to stop her scratching it for a bit. Anyway, as I made the appointment, I made a second one too, and took Friedrich along. I was going to take him next week anyway, so yesterday did just as well.

Well, Freddie is doing very well indeed! He's starting to bear weight on his leg, by dint of holding it at a funny angle, and he's managing to get around very nicely. Not as fast as the others, and yes he looks a bit odd, but he walks, he tries to run, he climbs... very very positive news indeed. And the vet had a good prod again and whilst he squeaked indignantly, (well, wouldn't you?) once again the vet was sure he wasn't in any pain. It wasn't that kind of squeak, and Indigo didn't leap to his side like she would if he had been in pain.

I took Louisa along too, and not being busy there, she was taken round to all the vets and nurses to determine her sex. Well, they now think she's 'looking more like a boy', her bits now looking like the beginnings of a prepuce- the furry oval bit boys have that contains the penis. But no testicles as yet, and her sex still isn't clear enough to say 100% one way or the other! 'Bring her back in 2 weeks with Freddie and we'll look at.. er... her... again!' was the advice. So I guess she'll have to stay 'Louisa' for the time being *grin*

What an 'interesting' litter I seem to have, this time around!

So of course I've been doing some reading up. If Louisa is a Louis, and her testicles do not descend, he can still be neutered at the correct time, and he'll be otherwise quite normal. It would be unwise to retain him for breeding purposes, however, many cats with one or both testicles undescended are sterile anyway, if they arent sterile they can themselves sire cats with similar testicles, and not removing them at the proper time could have health implications further along the lines. He couldn't be shown, except of course as a neuter. And while undescended testicles happen from time to time, if Indigo was to regularly produce such kittens I'd have to reconsider her use as a breeding cat of course. One kitten is nothing- you don't know if the responsible genes are from Mum, or Dad, or that the two together make a less than ideal combination, or it's Just One Of Those Things and neither will have another kitten like it ever again.

What's the betting she's a girl now? LOL

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