Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Why Am I Always Last?

Never mind, Gretl!

The kittens are nearly two weeks old now, and just starting to do other things than just eat and sleep. Like small babies, eating and sleeping still take up a large amount of their day, but they do now have periods of alertness, looking around their nest, making clumsy attempts at washing their paws, etc. They are very active at times. Perhaps that's why their weight gain today was truly shocking :( they are burning off far more calories than previously?

Don't get me wrong, newborn kittens are lovely and I love to watch them all snuggled up, fatly, to Mama cat, but they aren't as interesting as older kittens. Now is the exciting time, as their characters start to unfold and they become proper little kittens.

Can't wait!

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