Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Boys And Girls

How on earth...

...did she fit them all inside her???

Ok. I THINK that kittens 6 and 7 are girls. I'm not sure, but they are looking more dot-and-slit than two dots as they get older. That just leaves kitten 4, which doesn't look like either! Interestingly its the smaller kittens that are the more difficult to discern, even though they are bigger than the biggest ones were at birth.

I reckon what I'm going to have to do (because I'm itching to pick names out of course,) is just make a good guess about kitten 5, name them, and be prepared to rename one or possibly all of them depending on how the theme fits in a month or so when the gender should be more obvious. Or when the vet sees them first and tells me I've got them all completely wrong... lol.

Indigo moved her kittens last night, so I shall pack up the old nest. She's currently in a rabbit run, with front section removed and a throw over the top- it's like a cave, in fact. She seems quite happy with it.

Kittens are fat little things and putting on weight every day. Some of them have quite a way to go yet, if they are to double their weight by Thursday morning, but I guess in a large litter there's more competition. I have a kitten growth chart, and last year my brood were dipping below the average (but still within 'acceptable') at first, but by the time they were ready to go home they were massive. This year I am expecting them to be smaller anyway, as Daddy is petite and we seem to have more girls which are usually smaller even at this age.

In other news, some of the babies are starting to open their eyes, with kitten 3, a boy, leading the way. Tonks are forward little things and they are early for eye opening, 7-10 days being more usual. It gets interesting when they can actually see you, they stop being alarmed at your scent and come to understand you aren't a threat... and then get excited when they see a human approaching. Aww! Can't wait!

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  1. I would be SO excited!
    They look gorgeous already even though they're like tiny mice. Looking forward to see them grow. Wish I could have one!! x