Monday, 19 December 2011


Theo, getting to know the kittens. What an old softie he is.

Just a quickie today.

 Poor Indigo is really struggling to eat anything, I'm supplementing her with calcium and nutri-drops but yesterday she ate half a sachet of kitten food and a small bowl of chicken. Hardly enough to sustain herself, let alone seven hungry kittens. The kittens, predictably, have had truly appalling weight gains and indeed losses as a result, and I have resorted to the bottle. Nature knows best? Yeah, maybe, but I'm having no kitten going hungry on MY watch, sorry Mother N.

So I've been bottling. But will any of my kittens readily TAKE the bottle? Will they b******s!!!!! Do excuse my language, but the sheer frustration of it!

So I've been very, very busy trying to slot milk, squirt by tiny squirt, into seven wriggly, reluctant kittens. But even so, with two of them, I'll be delighted if they end the week the same weight as they started it. The others aren't so bad, but weight gains will be very very poor this week.

The thing is, the kittens... well they are absolutely bursting with vitality! They are all incredibly healthy, active, curious little beings now, and looking like proper cats as opposed to furry sausages. You advance the nest and they approach, squeaking, eager to be sociable. They really are a joy.... I just wish they were putting on weight.

And yes, I know exactly the same thing happened last year (to a lesser degree), and I know its a phase and I know it will pass, but I still don't like it!

Never mind. Inds comes off her antibiotic today, and I am hoping her appetite will come back with a vengeance.

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