Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Very Good Place To Start

Here's Friedrich!

I discovered something last night. None of my cats will touch raw meat. They all sniffed at it, looked at me like I was insane and resumed howling for their food, and no redirecting would persuade them to eat it. Yes I'd rinsed it thoroughly.

One lot into the bin. And only one, Indigo, and I suspect she will eat anything right now, will eat the turkey and rice concoction I then cooked up for them. What a waste of four turkey steaks THAT was (ok the teenager had one, so three...)Next time I will just do the turkey, rice is an odd thing to be giving to cats anyway isn't it, well it sounds an odd thing for a carnivore, but that was the recipe!

And here's the weights this week: as you can see a couple of the kittens have doubled their birthweights, some are very nearly there and will hopefully hit it tomorrow, but I'm happy all are making steady progress. See what a good job I am doing of Not Panicking Unnecessarily this year? Heh!
 Can you believe they are a week old already?

Kitten 1- Liesl

Birth 96g
1 week 172g

Kitten 2- Friedrich

Birth 101g
1 week 187g

Kitten 3

Birth 102g
1 week 205g- doubled!

Kitten 4

Birth 82g
1 week 157g

Kitten 5

Birth 83g
1 week 179g- doubled!

Kitten 6

Birth 91g
1 week 178g

Kitten 7
Birth 81g
1 week 150g

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