Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sexing The Kittens

Oh dear! It's proving a bit of an arduous task- it was so.... obvious last year but this year? I just don't know.

Anyway so I had the idea of photographing their bits and posting them on this blog so I could use it as a reference in years to come as I'm sure I'll have this trouble again. It might also help someone else (although I doubt it!) Anyway, so this post will mostly contain pictures of newborn kitten genitalia... sorry about that! Don't tell me you don't get all the good stuff on here...

First though, a piccie of Indigo and her brood.


Ok, so kitten bits. What you are looking for is a wider apart two dots- the anus and the penis- for a boy, plus perhaps a small bulge inbetween those dots, and a closer together dot and a line- the anus and the vulva- for a girl. The problem is that the line can look more like an inverted V, so two flaps, which equally looks like testicles, kittens are tiny so what you are looking for is miniscule anyway, and kittens don't actually stay STILL at this age! Especially if a human is handling them. Some of the photos are not clear, but anyway, under the circumstances I've done my best.

Oh and incidentally kittens pee- and poo- when anywhere near that region is stimulated. I got covered!

Kitten 1

I think kitten 1 is a girl. I've consistently thought she was a girl. It's not clear, but see the dot and line? (also see how the line could be mistaken for testicles? Oh it's so difficult!!!)

Kitten 2

I think kitten 2 is a boy. I've consistently thought he was a boy- see the distance between the anus and the 'dot' which is his penis (boy kittens penii do not protrude until they are a good few months old) and the sac inbetween that will contain his testicles. Apparrently you can feel the testicles as tiny lumps even as newborns - I tried, I couldn't feel anything and I got weed on. Heh!

Kitten 3

Again I've been fairly sure from the off Kitten 3 is a boy (look at the distance between penis (where the droplet is!) and the anus?) and here he is peeing. He'd just pooed on me too! Charming!

Kitten 4

Kitten 4 has baffled me. First I thought girl, then I thought boy. And in the photos, the top one makes me think boy and the bottom one girl...!!!!

Kitten 5

It's not clear, but kitten 5 has the typical dot and line arrangement and has from the start. I'm fairly confident she is a girl.

Kitten 6

At birth I thought this kitten was a boy, but it's looking more girly now- not at all sure though.

Kitten 7

Again I thought this kitten was a boy at birth but she looks like a girl now.

So there you have it! Clear as mud eh? At birth I guessed at three girls and four boys, 36 hours on and I'm thinking two pretty sure girls, two pretty sure boys, two maybe perhaps possibly girls but  I could be wrong, and a 'gawd knows' kitten.

And I can't name them till I know!

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  1. So they could still be the family Von Trapp then?
    J x