Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Ready, Freddie?




The Christmas turkey does it again! I put down a big plate for Inds last night, and several of the kittens were interested. Some just sniffed. Brigitta tromped right through it and then discovered her paws were VERY tasty indeed, licking them with that high pitched 'omnomnom' some cats make, but she didn't make the connection between the good taste and the food in the dish. Freddie however, bellied up to the bowl and made a very hearty meal indeed. Yum!

The kittens were pleased to be released this morning after being penned for the night- I'd prefer to leave it a few more days before I allow them the run of their room at night too.

I'm starting toilet training today, so that will be 'fun'- I just hope they are as easily trained as the last lot. As you know Indigo, whilst an exemplary mother in most other ways, will only toilet in a particular tray in a high and kitten-inaccessible place. She's not a lot of help when it comes to training the youngsters, frankly. Or setting a good example (thank goodness for Theo) So I'll be there with my cotton wool balls rubbing kitten bottoms and piling the results onto the litter trays till they get the idea.

I know, I'm making you so jealous *grin*

Right, best get going... I suspect I'd better buy some more turkey at some point too!

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