Monday, 5 December 2011


Ok, so I thought I'd do the same thing I did a few days ago re sexing the kittens- that is, take photos of their colour/ pattern development for future reference. As we all know I wasn't too hot on the whole colour question last time (although to be fair it is difficult!) so I thought an aide-memoir on here would be a good thing.

I think I can rule out having any lilac or chocolate minks. I know that they are born nearly white, and none of my kittens are that pale. A sfor what they actually are, shall we just note here and now that really, I have no idea, I'm just guessing at this stage!!!
Kitten 1

One of the 'inbetween' kittens. My guess, chocolate solid or brown mink.

Kitten 2

The teenager calls this 'The Wendell kitten' and insists he's just like him but I don't think he is really, he's too dark for a blue. I'd guess brown. He's darker than his father, coat wise, too, so I can't see how he could be anything other than a brown solid

Kitten 3

An inbetween kitten. The photo of him didn't come out, but he is most alike in colour to kitten 5. A lovely warm colour. Well his head is, his bottom is much paler! (must get a photo of him, he's odd!)

Kitten 4

Another inbetween kitten. Slightly cooler in tone.

Kitten 5

The fourth inbetween kitten. This one is a lovely rich warm colour in the light, I'm guessing this is a chocolate solid.

Kitten 6

This is the other dark kitten, nearly as dark as kitten 2. My guess, a brown solid.

Kitten 7

The lightest kitten. I don't think its a lilac solid- the tips of the fur are dark in certain lights. Given that I don't think any of the kittens were light enough to be chocolate minks, I'm going with blue mink for this baby. But I don't really know!

So there's my litter... quite, quite different to the last one, I'm sure you will agree!

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