Sunday, 14 December 2014


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Desmond: Yay, they picked me! HAHAHA SUCKERS!
Leo: Really, I'm stuck with this clown forever???

Yesterday we were visited by N and G and their son, hoping to pick a pair of kittens. Desmond showed off beautifully, and I suspect he was a certainty within the first five minutes, but a buddy for him was a difficult choice. Desmond is such a lovely guy and he's pals with everyone, perhaps particularly so with Leo and Michael, but no-one would be a bad fit with him. Tough choices.

Ariadne was in a sociable mood too, and Nicholas put in an appearance half way through the visit. Michael had wedged himself between the sofa and the pen and promptly went to sleep, but Miranda... oh my gosh, Miranda did NOT distinguish herself I am afraid. Miranda put back her ears and said HISS! And then she said GROWL! And... yeah, she wasn't at her best, shall we say. I need to give her more attention I think, she's so quiet and sweet (usually) perhaps she gets less attention than the others? Or she could just have been having a bad day I guess! 

I had a nasty minute or two at one point, when I just couldn't find Leo anywhere. I'd assumed he'd dived under somewhere and would be out any moment, but time passed by and... no Leo. In fact I got to the point where I even (very slowly and gently!!!) moved a broom handle under a unit to see if he was under there hurt or something, because it isn't like him to run and hide, but no-  just a pen and some stray cat litter! But then I found him, curled up in a corner behind the dehumidifier, fast asleep. Phew! After that it was a close call between him and Ari, but in the end Leo was the one chosen

So anyway, Leo and Desmond are going to live with lovely young man to play and grow up with and a fab secure outside space to sunbathe in the summer. And they will have each other. Lucky, lucky boys!

As an aside... I'm still not 100% sure Leo is BCR you know. I think I'm going to ask some other breeders what they think. I looked at yesterday's photo for the longest time earlier thinking really, that's a BCR kitten? Surely not? I can only reiterate what I say every year. Tonks are notoriously difficult to differentiate, the chocolates especially. Sometimes we get it wrong. If your Indikon cat, as an adult, seems to be a different colour to the one on the pedigree and I agree, I'm happy to change the registration at my expense.

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Nobody has come for Nicky, lady?
Don't worry Nick darling... I'm sure they will come very soon!

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