Friday, 5 December 2014


Kittens grow in what I have heard described as a 'Christmas tree fashion', that is up then out. Length first, then they fill in. Mine seem to be in the middle of a growth spurt at the moment, which means they are looking a bit gangly, frankly! All legs and skinniness, except Michael who has a belly to be proud of.

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Ariadne shows off a long front paw

I had to laugh at this picture though. Desmond, as shown yesterday, is the heaviest kitten in the litter, but this photo of him makes him look as though he's the runt of the litter who never eats! He does! Raw meat, cooked meat, tinned food, kibble and milk, and plenty of it. Nom nom nom. Apparently though, his weight gain last week all went on leg growth, because those things are ridiculous!

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I am but a poor, starved kitteh... starved, I say... moar treats, please?

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