Sunday, 28 December 2014


The kittens are eight and a half weeks old now, so I decided it really was time I got around to advertising them, much as I dislike the thought of them going. It always seems that the pictures I take are of the babies sleeping, this being the time where they are still enough to photograph easily. But I wanted some shots showing off their lovely playful characters! So I set to with the feather teaser and the camera to try and get some good pictures.


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Not Ariadne's most flattering expression...

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Shame we can't actually SEE Nicholas's face here...

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CHINS!!! And not much else...

Yes, well, you get the general idea! Those that might have been good were blurred, and those that weren't blurred... yeah. I think I got a few, but perhaps feather games aren't the ideal photo opportunity!

In case anyone is wondering, I did take stats this week but there just wasn't the chance to post them. I'll do two weeks worth this week.

The babies are all fine, and they will be going for their first jabs this week coming. Miranda has had a bit of a breakthrough... we had a guest for breakfast on Christmas day, and she didn't hiss at him. Not once. OK she didn't interact with him either, but y'know. She didn't hiss at Theo this morning either, she put her ears back a little and kept her distance, but she didn't hiss. We have guests this week, so hopefully she will carry on growing in confidence. She's such a loving little thing with us, so we need to get her to show that side to everyone! Funny little girl... the others couldn't care less, the more guests the better!

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