Sunday, 7 December 2014

Light And Dark

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At five and a half weeks, it is becoming more obvious what the kittens' coat pattern is. This litter is easy enough because 1) I know they are all chocolates, and 2) BCR ('solid') and TCR ('mink') are the only two possibilities, Indigo being unable to have CPP kittens ('pointed').

It's a bit of a rubbish photograph but I am using it as the kittens have conveniently sorted themselves into two piles- the TCR's on the left and the BCR's on the right. Yes, I THINK I have three of each, two boys and one girl apiece (which pleases me very much for some ridiculous reason- like dates that go 13/12/11 and such like hehe!) although I'm not totally sure.

Leo looks very pale in some lights, Michael looks darker... it's hard to tell for sure. But I THINK that Desmond, Leopold and Ariadne are BCR and Nicholas, Miranda and Michael are TCR.

I generally register them at about 7 weeks, so I have a little while before having to decide for sure, but I'm pretty confident now.

PS- please note Desmond's tummy, like a big kiwi fruit... he isn't the runt he pretends to be!!!!

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  1. He certainly isn't! And it's a lovely photo - they are so cute and I love the way they snuggle up together.