Wednesday, 17 December 2014


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Mama you is squishing me!

Note that Nicholas continues to nurse though, even when he has a big Mama flumped down on top of him! Although he's eating loads now, our Nicky still loves his milk. Even when Indigo squashes him!

Speaking of milk, as you may remember, when Indigo went to stud, we actually thought it hadn't been successful. No mating was observed, no mating behaviour seen or noises heard, and we were fully expecting to have to make a repeat trip. The only thing for it was to wait three or four weeks for 'pinking up'- the swelling and deepening in colour that is the first sign of a cat's pregnancy.

But this time I had an earlier sign. In week 2, and I can't remember if I mentioned this here, Lucy suddenly and inexplicably tried to nurse from Indigo. She was quite persistent, annoyed Indigo very much and... well it was just odd. Lucy stopped nursing at 5 months old and hasn't been interested since, so *something* was making her feel kittenish. And two weeks later it was apparent that Indigo was, indeed, pregnant, and the results are currently eating their way through a 400g can of Grau. A whole can, the piggies! (OK, Lucy and Inds are helping)

I mention this because none of the kittens have ever tried to nurse from Lucy, they know she doesn't have the necessary... but yesterday they did try. At exactly the same stage as when Lucy tried to nurse from Indigo. With exactly the same confused- but- intense expression on their faces as Lucy had on hers with Indigo. And Lucy responded the same way... with a smacking! The nerve of those kittens!

Now I realise as evidence of pregnancy it's extremely tenuous. So also is the fact that she was sick recently. (Indigo is susceptible to a little morning sickness, but that's Indigo, I don't know what Lucy will be like!) So also is her general demeanour- she seems tired, a feeling I well remember from early pregnancy, and hungry, but then we know Lucy likes her food!!! I can't find anything about these symptoms so early on in pregnancy in cats... only that the first sign is the pinking up at 3-4 weeks. And I know that with Lucy too, we don't even know if she did mate, let alone if that mating was successful. But I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that yes... I DO think the mating has been successful, and I DO think Lucy is pregnant.

Now I've said that, she's just bound to go into heat in the next few days isn't she? Oh well, Lucy can make a fool out of me if she wishes, I'm just interested to know if I'm right.

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  1. Told you she might be, didn't I? Maybe you just have cats who like to be private!