Saturday, 6 December 2014


Nicholas has FINALLY discovered food... in a big way.

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Oh. My. Cat, lady, why didn't you tell me about dis stuffs before????

Er... Nicky... I've been putting it out for two weeks, mate! You snooze, you lose!

Speaking of snoozing, S and K came over today to visit the kittens again, and OF COURSE the little monkeys decided to hunker down for a long sleep. Sigh! But a sleeping kitten is still very nice, so they had lots of cuddles before deciding that MICHAEL will be their kitten.

It was a close one between him and Desmond, but in the end Michael was chosen. I'm pleased, as I think he will be the best match for them, and he is going to a home with a big sister cat (Lotti, another Indikon cat) and another Tonky sibling to come a few months after him. Plus a dog to annoy and several human slaves. Brilliant.

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