Tuesday, 30 December 2014


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Happy Nick, rumbling away

Now you know that my kittens have gone to all kinds of different setups. While I'm fussy (only the best people for my kittens!) I'm not looking for some kind of ideal family with 2.4 silent children, a picket fence and ten spare bedrooms or any such nonsense. I look at the potential new family, I look at the kitten's character and needs and I decide if it would be a good fit. Mostly the kittens are pretty flexible, and as long as they are going to a good match, where they will be provided for and loved in the manner they deserve, most other issues are peripheral. I've been lucky in that I've had some lovely people come my way and so far we haven't had a placement not work out. People are generally very kind with updates as well, which I never tire of receiving!

Over Christmas I had a long think about our Miranda, and decided I was only going to send her to a specific kind of home, and failing that, she could stay here until we DID find one. Well, she had some visitors yesterday. When I described the remaining kittens to S and B, I naturally told them about Miranda's little foibles expecting them to be put off, but both felt they would like to meet her, that they might be the people I was looking for. So round they came.

Oh. My. Goodness. It went so well! Miranda didn't hiss. Miranda didn't put her ears back, or growl, or behave antisocially at all. She was unsure at first, and reluctant to engage, but S and B gently persisted and by the end of the visit she was asleep in S's arms making little happy noises! I am perhaps over egging the pudding- she'd fallen asleep with Mama and then picked up, but didn't struggle against it as she would have before, and before that, whilst she'd clearly been reserved, she had played a little. She was fascinated by S's necklace, on a long chain so it swung backwards and forwards, so clearly hypnotism is the way to get through to this little girl!

It was quite touching to see her respond to her new people, and I'm more than satisfied that Miranda will be happy there. S and B are quite local, so will be able to visit Miranda and build her confidence in the weeks before she goes home which is brilliant and what I had hoped for.

You may be wondering why there's a picture of Nicky in this post, when it's all about his sister. Well, S and B had discussed it on the way over and had decided a pair would be best... hurrah! Nick is confident and sociable but not so boisterous as, say, Michael or Desmond, and so is a great match for Miranda, as well as just being utterly fabulous in himself of course! Anyway, he has himself a sparkly new home too!

Today the kittens all had their first vaccination, which I will write more about tomorrow, suffice to say all went well. I am expecting them to be very tired today, they usually are after jabs. I'm a bit coldy myself, so I'll curl up with them on the sofa and have a snooze, I think. Night night!

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  1. Oh, I am so thrilled. Miranda is a darling and to go with Nicky as well is just fab. Brilliant
    J x