Wednesday, 31 December 2014


So yesterday was the first vet check and vaccination, and naturally I picked the coldest day of the year!!!!!The car was well warmed and the babies bundled up in their carrier with blankets over the top, but still, it was chilly!

This particular check involves a very thorough once over and I always get a bit antsy beforehand. I mean I spend a lot of time with the babies whilst I'm fairly confident that my vet won't say 'Well, this kitten has three heads' there's always the chance there's something I've missed. Of course, it doesn't help being completely neurotic and a sleepy kitten nodding its head in tiredness will have me looking up cerebellar hypoplasia and gnawing my nails with worry!. Just to make you laugh, with this litter I have already spent sleepless nights wondering about 1) hernia, 2) food intolerance and 3) 'swimmer kitten' syndrome- none of which my kittens actually have!

Ok, you can stop laughing- I can't help it!!!!

Anyway, they all had clean bills of health. They had a thorough physical check, involving weighing, teeth/mouth, eyes and nose, ears, hips, genitalia, a good old prod of their bellies (to check nothing was enlarged/ out of place and for non-existent hernias!) and probably some things I have forgotten. Then came a listen of the lungs and heart for murmurs etc. Michael had to have his listened to for a long time as he was purring so hard our poor vet couldn't work out what was heartbeat and what was purr! Finally a temperature check, and they didn't like that at all because- well, thermometer, jelly... yeah. Poor babies!

Leo was last and mildly freaked by this stage having had to wait so he was a bit wriggly and Miranda was frightened and shaking, poor little thing, but they all did splendidly. I was very proud. They were all rather sleepy yesterday, but today are back to their bouncing selves and making up for lost time.

Indigo had a check too, and I have to say she wasn't nearly so brave! Indigo turns into a quivering mass of jelly at the vet's poor thing!But she too has a clean bill of health, so it's all good.

Happy New Year, everyone! I will be spending New Years Eve in bed with a hot water bottle and a lemsip, cursing the annual germ-fest that is this time of year. Fingers crossed the cold kills all the bugs off! xxx

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