Friday, 12 December 2014


I'm just going to do a quick run down on each kitten because page views tend to go up post-advertising. *waves* I'm sure most people are just coming to look at pics of cute kittens but that's fine, I like to share! But for those seriously thinking 'Tonk', this is what my Tonks currently are like:

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Desmond and Miranda... muh? We is trying to sleep here lady...

Miranda is a pretty princess, quite quiet and shy amongst all her boisterous siblings. She loves neck snuggles and having her belly rubbed. She's very fond of Desmond (this is going to be a theme... EVERYONE loves Desmond!) and can often be seen snuggling up with him. I suspect Miranda would suit a quieter home, probably with a sibling to keep her company if possible. Did I mention she was pretty? SO PRETTY! awwww! Miranda is TCR.

Desmond. What can I say about Desmond!!! He loves everyone, everyone loves him, and he is the cuddliest darling you ever saw. Honestly I don't think there's a bad or mean bone in this kitten's body. He's more than happy to have long naps and cuddles on the nearest available person, rumbling away all the while, and if there isn't a person available, well then a sibling will do, he loves his Mama, he even loves his big sister even though she's being so hissy! Desmond is BCR, our darkest kitten.

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Mess with me and... I probably just give you a lick, ok?

Ariadne is very inquisitive, always nosing about, investigating, climbing, seeking out new experiences. She's the kitten I would feel most happy about going home without a sibling. She is intrigued by Theo but is respectful in her advances, and I feel an older cat buddy would suit her well as she's not 'in your face', but not intimidated either and can hold her own at any time. She's great, a proper grrrrl, plenty of sass, feisty and independent! Ari is BCR.

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He reminds me of Lucy in this picture!

Nicholas likes the feather teaser and rolling on his back for tummy tickles. He also likes his stuffed mouse, and will walk around with it, growling! He can be a little nervous on his own, he needs the security of a sibling with him so I am hoping he will be chosen as part of a pair. He gets on very well with Desmond, and is often seen snuggling with either him or Leo. He's TCR, the palest kitten, almost white in the body.

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Michael: I is the biggest now, Leo.
Leo: Pffft... I is the firstborn... still your big brudder!

Leo is a darling. He's got a good purr on him and likes to exercise it, but what he likes most is football. Give him a ball and he's quite happy batting it about and bounding all over the place after it. He's quite brave about new experiences, and would be fine going to a home with older cat buddies, but if he was to choose a buddy to go home with, he gets on especially well with Desmond. I THINK Leo is BCR, but his colour is taking a while to develop.

Michael is already chosen, but I see no reason to leave him out! He's a fabulous, all round kitten, cuddly and playful with a naughty streak a mile wide- watch out S and K! He gets on with everyone but isn't particularly attached to anyone, he's quite independent and people-oriented and easy going too... if Desmond is snuggling on his favourite shoulder, why, he'll take the lap, no problem! Michael is TCR... I think, but he could darken.

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  1. How would Ariadne hold up against 3 great big boys! I could do with a bit of female sass round here!