Tuesday, 16 December 2014


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So after her performance at the weekend, I've been singling Miranda out for lots of attention, and whilst I still think she's not going to be suited to a very busy/ noisy/ young household, I've come to the conclusion she was just a bit overwhelmed. I guess we all have bad days! Really, she's a dear little thing, rather sweet and of course she's very pretty. I must get some better photos. This one was the best of a bad bunch, most of which consisted of a blur where she batted at, shoved her nose into and licked the camera.

Indigo has been trying to move the kittens into my bedroom. Now I am not keen on this because my other cats need their own , kitten free territory and generally the bedroom is their own private space, so I've been taking back any kitten she manages to get over. It's usually Miranda, being the lightest, the others are getting a bit heavy for moving easily but Miranda is still petite. So several times Miranda has been returned to the kitten room. Well, Indigo got so cross with me yesterday after one such return that she ran off with one of my slippers, and tossed that over the gate instead! Cheeky madam!

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