Friday, 23 March 2012


Sorry, mad week, poorly child, work 'restructuring' (which will resolve itself in more work for less pay I suspect!) and things ramping up at the allotment. Will I ever get it dug in time for the spuds to go in? And why, despite telling myself I will ONLY grow what I absolutely need this year, do I find myself with 29 tomato seedlings- oh and 11 aubergines? I need about 6 and 2 respectively lol!!!

Cats are all well, Indigo's feline acne is clearing nicely now- she's on the Ovarid again. She didn't get it nearly as badly this year anyway, perhaps she's growing out of it. It tends to be the younger queens who are the most susceptible, and Inds is only just 3 so pretty young for a cat. Last year you could see it from a distance, her chin was covered in black scabbiness, but this year her chin just looks a little grubby up close. In a darker coloured cat, you'd not even notice.

Kittens all seem to be well and healthy, got a few pics to share next week. Bailey is still not safe in the bedrooms though... he uses the box appropriately otherwise but it's so frustrating for M (and me too!) Come on Bailey sort it out boy! M's had some good advice from her vet and is a seasoned Tonk owner herself, so I know Bailey's in good and sympathetic hands- but it is becoming an issue so please keep your fingers crossed for them that it all works out. Bailey's getting a brother in May all being well, so if his issue is one of overattachment and 'marking' (which I think it is, he clearly loves M very much and there's no evidence to suggest he's unwell or unhappy, quite the opposite!) I'm hoping a playmate will help calm any seperation anxiety he may be feeling.

Last year, Alfie had some similar issues, his stopped after a short while though- although I am sure it didn't seem like a short while to D and S! I'm trying to find out what, if anything, I can do to improve MY practice. What I am finding, though, is that it's not a rare issue in the 'intelligent' breeds- Orientals and Foreigns, and the same sparkiness and zest that makes their characters so desirable can also make them anxious, nervy, overattached etc at times... I've often commented that Indigo, my Tonk, is by far my most 'needy' cat. That's Tonks for you, you can't have one without the other, and I do try to communicate that here on the blog, Tonks are such a specific 'flavour' of cat and being social and communicating and loving you is what they do, only occasionally one will do this by peeing (because in the wild, that's what cats do!)

It's interesting that both Alfie and Bailey are boys, and they are boys who went 'solo' IYSWIM. I don't know if that's relevent, and I don't have nearly enough experience to be able to say whether it's a trend or just coincidence, but it's something I'm recording here for future reference. Are lone boys more prone to anxiety than any other combination? I wonder. this page is still under construction, but I can't tell you how relieved I was to find it! As you know I very much respect this cattery and aspire to be like it, and to read between the lines I'm guessing this breeder has had a few piddling kittens herself in her time. Certainly enough to have some good advice to give! Hallelujah, I'm not the only one! (seriously, I've been having doubts as to my fitness as a breeder, bad times!)


  1. Interesting article. I dont think neuroses and attachment issues are particularly limited to these breeds. Our black and white moggy howls his head off if he's outside and I go inside, even though the door is open and he's at liberty to join me whereever he wants (including the bathroom!). He also did pee on the sofa but that stopped once his "bumblebees" were removed. For a moggy, he acts a lot like a Siamese!
    I'm really hoping our Tonk kitten will get on with our boys, Nims might be a bit grumpy, but he's used to kittens coming and going and the smaller ones dont bother him. The kitten will probably single out Dom as the best friend, and there is plenty of lap and love to go round, so hopefully there wont be any jealousy issue.
    I was at a cat show yesterday and I happened across some British Shorthairs. I got into a chat with the breeder and mentioned I was getting a Tonkinese. "Ohh a Tonk!" she said "Better batten down the hatches!" But then, she has BSH, and they are known to be soppy sleepy and lazy.. I call them Bagpuss Cats.. so ANY cat is going to be hyper compared the that!

    1. Not limited to, but more prone to, certainly. LOL yup BSH, Persian etc are right at the other end of the activeness scale I think, the ultimate snoozers!

  2. My Dad had Persians.. they did spend 90% of their time curled up making the furniture hairy! He had 2 moggies also. (My mum is mad keen on Siamese and always grew up with them. Now you see where I get it from).
    Dom is very attention seeking so its going to be fun having 2 kitties trying to stop me typing on the laptop!
    My potatoes got accidentally pulled out by hubby! Hope yours do better.