Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Guess Again!

Aaaaaand its another picture NOT of Indigo. LOL. No, this is the lovely Jonah who is quite patently a lilac solid and not a blue mink as I put on his pedigree.


He's another handsome devil isn't he though? If I was in that room I'd want to scoop him up and give him a kiss. He probably wouldn't mind either because he was just the cuddliest, most affectionate kitten imagineable, and C says he hasn't changed much.

Love those big soppy mancats. Mine, my Theo, is next to me on the desk as I type, and every now and then he's letting out a little trill to let me know he'd like another stroke now please!


  1. Ohhh big soppy mancats.. dont! I could just phone up now and reserve the chocolate boy I saw, but just to make sure I'm going to see the girl solid blue on Sunday again, last time I saw here she got pushed off my lap by a Birman boy who then refused to get off, so I never really assessed her properly.
    Seeing Jonah makes me want a boy even more!! He looks so cuddly and big and soft.
    In the wild girl cats would probably be that much more wary and territorial I think because they'd be guarding their litter. The first girl cat we had (not a Tonk, just a tabby) was what the vet called "feisty", she used to even wind up the neighbours dog! She was not one for cuddles at all and used to beat poor Al up who wouldn't say boo to a goose!

  2. Awwww. She sounds like she needs to be the focus of attention in her own home doesn't she? Alfie was like that, quiet little sausage here but once he went home and it was just him (for a while) he flowered.

    Marta from this litter ws similar and it was lovely seeing her getting more assertive when it was just her and her sister left, i think she spent the whole week snuggling!

  3. Well Izzy and Mojito will both be coming from houses with a few cats to here, so they should be "team players" regardless of which one I choose, and hopefully that wont put Nimbus' nose out of joint - he's a hefty boy but a bit insecure! Hopefully they will just play with Dom, who is everybody's friend, and Nims can watch safely from a distance, thinking "Huh, kids..." lol.