Monday, 12 March 2012

Sulley and his Boy

Breakfast time

Sulley's settling in brilliantly. D wrote to me: 'Im not sure I've ever seen a kitten so attached to a small child but they really are partners in crime lol and [the boy] tells everyone "he's MY kitten" :)' What is more, D had a friend around who fell so completely in love with Sulley that she's interested in a kitten from the next litter! MY next litter, not any Tonk litter. Now I shan't get my hopes up, a year is a long time for someone thinking 'kitten' but I took it as a huge compliment :)

The boy decided that when you break the cat tree the best thing to do is to try and fix it before anyone notices. Hahahaha nice one lad! Nobody would ever know!


  1. Awww so cute!
    I remember when my mums Siamese got out when she was in heat, and out of the resulting litter came a huge black and white cat that became the battleground of my best friend and the two little boys that lived next door to her (my mum adopted Inky out to my friends family because we knew them really well). Inky, being half Siamese, was a very sociable lad and everyone wanted him! He didn't care because he loved the attention.
    Tonks, being half Siamese, seem to like being the centre of attention. The ones we've seen love cuddles and you can just tell they would follow you to the ends of the earth for a bit of a fuss. I remember Kimbo, my mum's male Siamese, following me down the road, which was a bit worrying because we lived 5 minutes from Bromley High Street! He did have excellent road sense though and we lived in a Cul-De-Sac. I have read about one or two Tonks that have sadly been road casualties but hopefully if they like human company they will not roam too far.

    1. Indigo's mother is sadly no more, a casualty to the roads. I will sell to people who want an indoor/outdoor cat as I feel it's their own choice to make not mine but I do talk them through the risks. Theft and cruelty, as well as roads, and my own belief is that indoors is the way to go. Indigo's uncle and sister are also free roamers and are fine thus far.

  2. We learned that the hard way when we lost Willow, our first cat we had in our current house, she ran out in front of a car in October 2009. Our boys stay inside mostly, I really want to get one of those big cat climbers but hubby says they just clutter the place up, but then he has always had cats that could go out safely.. I think its important they can do climbing and running and playing and keeping fit and not bored indoors and every breeder I've been to has big cat climbers, at least one!
    I know we are selling our house and it needs to look neat but we do actually still LIVE here!
    Glad Sulley is settling in well.

  3. sulley will definately be an indoor cat, hes way too friendly to let out as he would walk up to anyone and ask for some attention and is so gorgeous they would probably take him home which would break a lot of hearts in our house not only the boys