Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Of course, removing Ava so that I could do the ironing in that pile would just be rude wouldn't it? That's my story, and I'm darn well sticking to it!

Ava looks so round in photos, but she's about 75% floof. In fact she's looking skinny to me again, I checked her mouth (Ava has had two nasty bouts of rodent ulcers) and that looked fine, and she seems to be eating, so perhaps she's just moulting or something. Plus she's half Persian, so has the round moon face and smallish ears that go with the breed Not the ultra-type though... her mama had a nice, normal profile- short but nothing remarkable. Ugh to squashed faces :(

No, I am mistaken, her Mama wasn't Persian, can't have been as she was a shorthair, she was either a shorthaired Persian cross, or she was an exotic shorthair. Either way that's where Ava gets her ultra soft, almost-a-semi-longhair length coat.

I love my Ava!

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  1. Oh bless her! She looks like some of the BSH we saw the other day, especially the Black Smokes.