Monday, 26 March 2012

Sleep Tight

Awwww lookit those two sweet girls! What a pair of lovelies!

I have some great piccies of Maddie and Pasha too, but being a technological ignoramus I can't work out how to get them on here! But they are looking beautiful as ever. Maddie and Pasha? The new names for Marta and Liesl. They were going to be Iris and Lily, but their family had a rethink. Maddie and Pasha are also beautiful names and very appropriate- Indigo's mother, also a blue solid, was called Maddie. Maddie the first was sadly run over a couple of years ago, and I'm sure her family will be pleased to hear her granddaughter bears the same name!

I am singularly unpopular with the cats today. It was Frontline time earlier for my lot... oh the filthy looks I've been getting ever since!

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