Saturday, 17 March 2012


Hi. Indigo here, and I am Not A Happy Kitty... At All. See me in the picture above? I'm snuggling on a blanket Mum had just got out of the cupboard. I had naturally assumed it was for me, after all cats and blankets are a natural combination but OH NO. Apparently not. Apparently she was going to use it to make a costume for the teenager's school play!

Well I ask you. Who's just raised a family of seven? Don't I deserve a little comfort? SHE doesn't seem to think so, and took the blanket anyway. But I say the fact that the blanket was old and bobbly, I never use it and that I have about 30 others is ABSOLUTELY NOT THE POINT. No Mum, I'm very cross with you and so I'm telling everyone on this blog what a big meanie you are. So there.

although this apologising malarkey is pretty nice, keep this up for a while and I MIGHT forgive you...

Sorry Inds. But when one's teenager announces on Thursday night that he needs a costume by Monday morning, one has to use the materials at hand. Including cat blankets and my comfy old gardening gilet. We appreciate your sacrifice honey!

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