Thursday, 8 March 2012

And Reason Two!

Snuggly kitten no 2.

I had a conference call today. Trying to do that whilst wielding pen and paper plus two wriggly kittens and a big Mama was... interesting! Plus the fact that Indigo 'talked' all the way through. Still, I should be grateful no-one trod on the phone and cut me off...


  1. Aww she looks like the kitten we might be getting! Is she a solid blue? The one we saw in Kent was a solid blue and had hazel eyes that might turn gold or green. (The browns we are looking at this weekend are both Mink, so I guess they will have the classic aqua eyes eventually, not that we are fussed!) Al was a solid and had greeny gold eyes. Isn't it funny that they can either take after the Siamese genes or the Burmese genes sometimes? Tonks are fascinating!
    I'm sure Al made himself heard over the phone a few times. On Flickr there is a video of him exercising his lungs. He wasn't noisy on the whole but when he wanted to he could whinge for Britain!

  2. Yup, she is! And she is just the sweetest little thing one could hope for. Well, except at mealtimes, then she turns into a seagull. Talk about dive bombing to get to your plate! Yesterday I had to put her in the bedroom whilst we ate- today she just looked at me sadly while I was eating so I reckon she'd learned her lesson *grin* Her sister is much more well mannered I must say :)