Friday, 30 March 2012

That Bailey

*swoon* he's a handsome one...

Pssst.... Bailey hasn't had an 'incident' for ten days now... fingers crossed he's turned a corner eh? M is still being very careful, no unsupervised bedroom access etc, but her perseverance does seem to be paying off. Thank goodness and touch wood frantically!

I also have some CoCo news just this moment! She's very confident, and her and her big sister Matilda are getting on like a house on fire- like yin and yang, R says, always curled up together. What is even better is that Matilda has stopped pulling out her own fur... she's found an interest in CoCo and seems to be recovering from her loneliness now that she has a playmate. Hurrah!!!!!


  1. What a handsome chappy he is! He is a little Tonk Minx. :-)

  2. How gorgeous! Is he a mink or a solid?

  3. He's solid. I swithered, colouring him, he was darker than Liesl but lighter than Brigitta, but I eventually decided he was nearer Brigitta. And his eyes are going yellow now look, so I think that's correct.

    Its interesting that because Tonks are still rather dependent on new bloodlines from the Burmese and Siamese- sometimes our colours look a bit different. Like the siamese brown (seal) is much darker than the burmese brown. I'm guessing that in this case Bailey favours the Burmese colouration where CoCo favours the Siamese.

    Same with my blues- remember I was convinced for ages Freddie and Marta were a different colour to Louisa? Yet they all turned out to be blue solids.

    As we develop as a breed the colours should settle into something rather more uniform, but just for now it's another delightful variation on an already diverse breed!

  4. That's what I like about the breed.. one of the kittens we looked at was supposed to be a brown mink and a later photo of her shows a lot darker body! The breeder says we can put the deposit over on a different kitten if we want to swap.. lol! I still think it'll be nice to have a chocolate and also 3 boy cats in the house will be a riot!

    The GCCF might be letting people show solids soon, so I gather? Which is only fair, since I'm guessing a lot of people get a mink that is registered as a mink and then changes colour! Also the solids are still very handsome and have the same personality.. or maybe they are more gentle like the Burmese? I think I might have to buy a good book!

  5. Are solids not as popular?

    1. Well, they can't be shown as things stand now, nor can the pointeds. Only the minks can be shown. So if someone is wanting to show, obviously they would not want a cat that later turned out to be a pointed or a solid (although it is hard to tell and it does happen) Showing and breeding often happen together, so a breeding household will usually be mostly minks. I want my next tonk to be a mink, for example, although in my case that's more to do with the fact that I would like the possibility of breeding pointeds, something Inds can't do. (because she's a solid)

      So yes, there's more demand for the minks, I guess. Of course the GCCF may decide that solids and pointeds can be shown after all, and then I expect people will be more free to go with personal preferences.