Saturday, 3 March 2012

Goodbye, Girls

Three of our girls have left! Brigitta left last night and Louisa and Gretl left this morning. I would say the house is quiet without them, but with Indigo still having a full on yowl-fest (in heat!) it really isn't. And no, she's not calling for her kittens... she's calling for a boyfriend!!! Kittens? What kittens? Nature is entirely heartless.

In nature, Indigo would probably go out and get pregnant again at this point. Of course I won't let her do that, so when she starts her next call I will be ready with the Ovarid. She needs a good break from the stresses of nursing and kittens in general. Cats are baby making machines if you let them... but it doesn't do their health any favours to allow a cat to repeatedly breed, and the GCCF does not allow it of course.

I read the other day that in the Siamese/ Burmese/ Tonkinese type breeds the kittens have the nursing reflex for far longer than other breeds do, which part explains why these breeds are slightly more disposed towards wool chewing. My chewer is Theo though, and Indigo doesn't so generalisations are just that, not hard and fast rules. Anyway, Indigo fed four of them this morning, she was feeding five as Brigitta was collected yesterday, basically she'd let them go on doing it for a lot longer if they were still here! I expect she'll still feed the remaining two, several times a day probably, till they leave, but it's just for comfort. She isn't producing much milk now, her belly is flat and its clearly not enough to stop her going into heat again.

So anyway, we are down to two. Marta is perched on top of the computer, giving me slitty love eyes.  Liesl is batting a toy around the floor. All most normal. Inds, on the other hand, is licking my son's homework folder... How she has such well adjusted kittens is beyond me, she's a weirdo!


  1. I bet you miss these little cuddlers..
    My moggy is nearly 8 months old and he chews my hair... dunno if this is a suckling thing or he thinks its a toy!
    Definately getting a Tonk and its either going to be a Tallica or a Kinchinko. If we plump for the latter, she is ready to go as the people who wanted her before let the breeder down and now she is just hanging around, not that the lady really wants to get rid of her as she describes her as "a real honey", but you can only have so many cats in a small house.
    Finally Dom the Mog is settling down at night.. now we are going to get a new kitten night time mayhem will be starting up again. Oh joy!

    1. LOL too true! Which do you think you will choose?

  2. Depends on the personality of the browns. And whether we like the breeder.

    1. Oh I see, I thought you had visited them all already :)