Saturday, 10 March 2012


Life is sweet with a sister to share it with...

Marta Marshmallow and Liesl went home today, and are starting their new lives as Iris and Lily. Beautiful names for two very beautiful girls. They seemed more than happy to go, they even took themselves into the carrier! So what's the betting they howled all the way home? *grin*

I was loath to take them out of the carrier once they were in, so they didn't even get a goodbye kiss, but I'd had a good snuggle with both earlier in the day so that was ok :)

Goodbye darlings... be good, and if you can't be good make sure no-one is watching!


  1. Awwww they look sooo grown up! And such a great colour! Nice that they are going to grow up (and cause mayhem) together.
    The ones I saw today were lovely but I do have some concerns about them being seperated from their mum so early.

    1. How old were they?

      Liesl was the pick of my litter in terms of the whole package. Good type, face, lovely markings and a sweet and loving temperament. Nice and sturdy. Looks like she's going to have good aqua eyes as well. She would have made a good breeding queen in my opinion- and my opinion is getting slightly more informed these days- I think after two litters I can take myself out of the 'completely green' category and enter the 'occasionally competent' one lol. But only occasionally. heehee!

  2. I believe they were 8 weeks (she said they'd be ready the first week of April).