Thursday, 12 December 2013

Who's The Daddy 2013

It's Louis!
Now I don't have a photo of Louis to share, because Louis? Well he's a shy boy. Gentle with the ladies, loving with his own humans, but strangers he'll give a very wide berth to, thank you very much! So, I only had fleeting glimpses of him. Enough to know that he's extremely handsome though! There's some photos of him here
Louis, pedigree name Fabiola the Moonstone Kid, is special because he's a first generation Tonk and an entirely new bloodline. His parents weren't Tonk at all- his mother was Burmese and his father Siamese. Introducing new lines to the Tonkinese gene pool is hard work, there are certain genes not wanted in the Tonk pool (such as cinnamon/fawn) so choosing the breeding stock for the new line is done very carefully indeed, painstakingly going over the pedigrees of many generations. I believe genetic testing is involved too. You can't just use any old Siamese or Burmese!
Anyway, Louis was the result of all this effort, and I was delighted to be able to use him.
Louis is chocolate, and doesn't appear to carry dilute, so all the kittens in Indigo's litter will be chocolate. They will all carry the dilute gene though, from Indigo. As Louis is a mink cat, the kittens could either be mink like him, or solid like Mama Indigo.
His last litter was born two weeks ago, seven of them, and I think Indigo's is the next to come. Heaven knows how many she will have. I've been observing her bump and can see four distinct kicking areas. Last time that happened was with the REM's, and I was very surprised when the girls popped out too making six, so of course that doesn't mean a thing. The only one who knows is Indigo... and she's not telling.
 Too right. You'll have to wait and see!

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  1. Oh, Beth, he is such a very handsome fella! Those kittens will be gorgeous!